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Sooooo, it's Monday and I'm in bed being lazy. Lol
I'm in bed with my daughter, she's still snoozing away. She's super sweet, yet crazy. She honestly reminds me of myself....I think she's gonna be just like me. Fuck. Lol

But lesse, I haven't written in a week or so I guess I can give you a run down.

Well...went to centering last Friday for our reunion and our post partum check up.
it went well, I just fucking hate those cervix checks and whenever they press on your tummy. Hurts like a damn bitch.

...But I was prescribed with orthotricylen and....Zoloft.

Yeah, that's right I'm dealing with depression and anxiety. so I had to be put on that shit cause my tempers been really bad and I just feel like a complete failure all the time. I just needed it.

Been talking to Chris on skype and on the phone almost everyday since he's been out of Boot Camp. It's been amazing, it feels like he's home whenever we talk. I can't wait to go see him in person this week. W00t w00t. Yup this Friday I'm flying back to Chicago and going to go see my babe. It's only gonna be a few days but it's better than nothing. I missed him so much. :) After that, I'm hopeful we get to hear from his higher ups for our living ashore packet. This is getting ridiculous though. It's been over a month since he turned it in.

So...it's just a waiting game. We're also waiting for an answer back on his chit that he filled out for him to go stay with me in the hotel for the weekend. That'd be njce, sp I don't have to keep waking up in butt fuck early hours just to get him, then hella early at 9pm to drop him back off at his ship. It fucking sucks ass. It's cold at times and I'm just plain out lazy whenever I have to go get him. Lol this was proven in the beginningof May.

Anyway, I'm up and early as shut now, because I'm waiting for my new computer to get here. Goddammit. Haha. Lol Chris ordered me a new imac 27 inch retina 5k computer. Hell yeah! he's the best husband ever...lol I gotta admit though. .I did contribute $1900. So be can't really say anything haha.

So that FedEx driver needs to get here already!!

So last night I was trying to fix my fake beats pill because the USB charging port had been lodged inside the stupid thing so I had to take it apart. I was surprised I even got it to open because of the fact that one of the screws was stripped. I had gotten the other 3 open..but that last one was giving me trouble. So I had no choice but to just pry it open and it finally broke, but luckily only the part that had the actual screw. W00t w00t. So dad and I split some wires, grabbed my fucked up charger cut that and split the wires then put them together to make a wired connection  instead of a wireless. Better than it not working huh?

I also got a hair cut the other week. I got bangs again.  Oh noes lol. but it looks cute.  I can rock out bangs as an older me. lol

by the way.

I'm loving the fact LJ has FINALLY fucking made an app that works.
Jeez I've been wanting to post shit on the fly like this for years!
This is therapy for me.

Aug. 27th, 2014

So once again I have not posted in this stupid thing in like fucking forever.
Facebook has totally taken up my social media. I really do miss writing in here though. It helps me relax.

I really need to, cause I have developed panic attacks during the last few months. Well really it started around November of 2013. I havent gotten a bad attack in a few weeks, thank god. But I get like a few symptoms of feeling like my heart is jumping out of my chest or the feeling like riding on a roller coaster when you go from high to low. Ehh...it really sucks. Plus having these stupid pains in my shoulder that radiate into my chest. It fuuuuccking sucks so much dick.

Anyway I dont really feel like talking about it. It just worries me more than anything.

Good news is, IM PREGNANT again with my second baby!
Yayyy my son Hunters gonna be a big brother. Hes excited, and he shows he loves sissy/brother in my belly. He gives it kisses.

Im telling you though this 2nd pregnancy is fucking fierce though. Its totally opposite from when I had Hunter.

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Heyaz guys. =]

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I only ask for your respect.
No flaming my entries.
My entries are my thoughts of the day.
If I need an opinion, go ahead && speak.
But if I hear bullshit, I will delete all obscene comments && kick you off.
Do NOT post any of my journals anywhere else. =]

My journal is the most personal thing I have online, and it has my whole life in it.
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